Art to Clothing and Accessories

Come visit the artists of Silk Synergy where  paintings on silk become fashion. 

Art to Fashion

Our products begin with beautiful art. From there our mission is to bring to you the best garments printed with those works of art. The clothing is printed on either polyester, bamboo/lycra, silk/lycra or 100% silk. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please return for a full refund or credit. Special request? let us know how we can help! We will be adding more artists and more product so stay on the lookout. Stay tuned for Karen and Julie's teaching blogs on YouTube, we are gearing up for a fabulous 2023.

About Us

Julianne Jennings

Artist/ Designer


Karen still feels the same excitement, as the first time she touched her brush to silk almost 30 years ago. She loves the big bold colors, of close up flowers. She imagines a ‘bug’s eye view of what is about to unfold…. or the petals outstretched, as seeming to dance in the wind…Or capturing a bird showing off their mighty wings and feathers.

The silk dyes are captivating, as they fill the fibers of the silk, adding depth and form.

Karen has discovered a unique technique that allows her to control the flow of the dyes, and to create fine art without the use of any resists, gutta, or wax lines. She offers workshops in her studio Washington State. Students have been traveling from around the world to learn her method. You may visit her web to learn more about workshops, and view previous classes.

Karen will tell you that none of this would be possible without the love, support, and energy from her husband Rick who is definitely the ”wind beneath her wings”

Julianne Jennings 

Julianne Jennings is a passionate freelance textile and fashion designer, a deeply talented silk artist in the world of resort-wear design.Originally from California, her creations are influenced by botanical motifs of the tropics and the art of Italy where she lived as a child.Julianne has worked with top designers and manufacturers in the New York fashion industry for 30 years. Her 3- and 9-foot hand-painted silk banner designs hung atthe Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Her breathtaking art has garnered numerous awards and global recognition.

Julieanne’s expertise runs the entire spectrum of silk art creation including fashion illustration, garment design, pattern creation, and use of Photoshop as a design tool, manufacturing,marketing and so much more! 

Vicki Underland Rosow

As Vicki was closing down her private practice as a psychotherapist she saw a small announcement for a new art school, the Minnesota School of Botanical Art. That led to a new career as a botanical artist. Thru the school she was able to study with world-renowned artists from around the world.

Using watercolors, she searched out plants that are seldom seen or botanically documented. First she went to southern Thailand in search of a plant that only blooms three days a year the Rafflesia – an amazing plant that lives inside the root of a vine 362 days a year and then one day appears and, almost like magic, expands to three feet in diameter.

Twice she went to Tibet to paint plants that grow on the highest plateau in the world. Later she had the honor of being in a two woman show of the plants of Tibet as part of the Dali Lama’s visit to the University of Minnesota.

After years of painting with watercolors Vicki discovered silk painting, became enamored with it and researched all the silk painters and found the one that did the work she was most drawn to. She immediately packed a bag and spent a week with Karen Sistek and has returned to study with her numerous times since. Vicki’s work remains true to her botanical training and so her clothing labels VBotanicals reflect that.

Vicki is honored to join with Karen & Juliann in sharing the work they all love. Joy and laughter are imbedded in the art they produce.